One Small Step For A New Office, One Giant Leap For Your Business

One Small Step For A New Office, One Giant Leap For Your Business

The sky’s the limit in our to be vacant private office.. literally.  If you find yourself being a workaholic staying late, you’ll be glad to see the stars looking over your head.


Our current renters have done so well that they’ve outgrown the office space we have to offer!   Put your name in the running to make our mezzanine an amaze-anine.


We’ve taken the design quirks of the cowork aspect in our open planned office to create a fun design in the office whilst maintaining a steady professional vibe.  You can see it for yourself, we’ve got a 360° photographic tour available on Google Maps, you can check that out here.  


The only thing that will be faster than the growth of your business will be our internet.  You’ll have your own 100MB bandwidth internet which has a 99.9% uptime.  With each person having an individual log in, you won’t have to worry about the graphic designer downloading all of these new fonts and making the rest of your team suffer with a lower mbps rate.


With the sociable yet productive coworking office downstairs you’ll get to live vicariously as Hannah Montana and enjoy the best of both worlds.  Brighten your day with the kitchen tango during the breakfast/lunch rush and say hello to a new face without the pain of having to do the head nod every time they walk past your desk as you’re free to flee back to the Mezzanine.


You’ll have all the extras we offer in our coworking space with the bonus of having your own kitchen too.  If you’re a regular tea or coffee drinker you won’t have to waste time and commute to the communal kitchen, there will be one just behind your desk.  


Everyone loves a moving in present, just don’t be too generous like Kevin and bring in chili for the team.  It’ll only ever end in disaster and hilarity!